Interview Of A Fbi . I Had Many Dreams I Wanted To Accomplish

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Interview of a FBI

I had many dreams I wanted to accomplish in my life, and most of it came from watching television and getting to meet some of the people who developed their life to work. I met doctors, polices, pastors, fireman, and athlete players. I remember when I was 8 years old, my mother knew a friend who was a police officer. I was exceedingly terrified with polices, especially when they carried a gun. She asked me if I wanted to meet him in person. My reaction was noticeable that I did not want to meet this police officer. My mother must have notice my reaction, she said that there was nothing to be afraid, that he was a very appreciable nice person. I trusted my mother and went with her. When we arrived to his house, I only …show more content…

His name is Adam Ritzman. He is currently single at this moment, with 2 sons that are both married. He has a shih tzu chi Wawa dog. He is very humble person who seems to focus very well on his career. It was a 1 hour interview with Adam.
As mentioned before, he is a retired FBI Agent. His work force was at Nevada Reno. He has been recently retired 5 years ago, he is 60 years old. As I entered his house we began right into the interview. My first question seemed pretty simple, “What does a FBI Agent do?”, he replied, “An FBI Agent duty is to investigate national security and federal law. They can include to investigate bank robberies, organized crimes, drug trafficking, murder crime scene, corruption, cybercrime, and many more.” It was a very logical answer coming from my stand of point of view. My next question was more into perspective of his career. “Why did you choose law?”, I asked. He took some time to reply on this question. He stated, “I chose law because America is about protecting the law that follow the fourteenth amendment.” I interfere him right after he stated of the amendment. I asked, “What is the fourteenth amendment?”, he replied, “The Fourteenth Amendment is an equal protection of the laws and citizenship rights. I believe it is my duty, as an American to see this law be in fulfillment.
I went into the next question which is, “What were your greatest strength and your greatest weakness during your career?” He replied, “My greatest strength was the

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