Interview With English Teacher

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Through interviewing an English teacher, which mostly all students have, he describes their willingness to learn and excel amazing. We discussed the challenges and obstacles he has faced or had to overcome with educating International students. His response reflected being extra sensitive and culturally aware of the diversity they bring to the class. He describes their learning styles very different to other students, as they are focused solely on the letter grade they are receiving. He informed me that students go to him everyday after class worried about their grade. Although he feels it is a good challenge, he is constantly reminding them they are excelling and the grades do not reflect the exact grade because he is always updating it. Being …show more content…

Leaving your home country and having to start all over in a new community is difficult but luckily Hacienda Heights provides similar parallels to their culture. Interviewing the students was the best part; I learned so much from just talking to them. Few students had visited California before while others first day of school was their first day in the United States. The adaptability each student thrives is inspiring and courageous. They have adapted so well to all the different norms and customs of a California high school. They spoke with passion and excitement about being here. Few students were world travelers and have been all over the world; so going to school in California is just an exciting opportunity they are passionate about. They discussed similarities between their hometown and California. One, which stood out, was “Uber” which is similar to a taxi service. I spoke with a few towards the end of school and walked them out to the parking lot, which they informed me that they were waiting for an Uber to pick them up. I immediately connected with them and talked about a similar service in China. It was fascinating to see common parallels in two completely different

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