Interview With Grubhub

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I chose to do my interview on Sudhanshu Saraswat who has been an Outside Sales Manager at Grubhub for a little over a year now. I am not doing my interview on my own supervisor because at CFMI it is not as extensive company as Grubhub and does not have the same mission statements or Corporate Social Responsibly programs. Grubhub is the nations leading online and mobile food ordering that connects diners with restaurants that offer the take out option. At the moment it has over 35,000 takeout restaurants in more than 900 U.S. cities. Grubhub has a high rated CSR program among other companies that it would consider its peer. It has many ways in which it helps the community and the nation. From collecting bottle caps to donating 1$ to different…show more content…
This company strives to focus on new and innovative ideas to make working fun and a easy going format for people to be happy and grow as individuals. The workplace has no offices for management and no cubicles for workers so they all have a chance to learn from each other as well as not have a closed off feeling in the work place. Also the bosses do not micromanage but try to be reasonable and help the workers be the better and learn more everyday. This creates a high retention rate and employees that consider people they work with to not just be co-workers but friends. (Sudhanshu) This connects to the fact that everyone is taken seriously and even the bosses listen to, the sales teams perspectives. This follows right along with the first reading about how to be a social responsible leader. Grubhub creates a workplace to breed that type of…show more content…
After I graduate I am planning on working for Grubhub as an outside sales representative and I am happy to say the companies main values are intact with the first reading. The leaders of the company have found outlets in which their specific industry can cut back waste products and help people who are hungry eat. This is a huge part of personal integrity that the company strives to be apart of. Everyone in the company strives to be knowledgeable about the area around and are conscious of small diners that need help in getting walk-ins. When I am starting the job there, after I graduate, I will join the CSR club that they have to be active in the local community to promote excellence at the workplace as well as actively helping a
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