Life Of Pi Dialectical Journal Essay

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2 + 2 = 5
What is I told you that this statement is true?
Would you believe me?
What if I told you I have a reliable source that someone famous said like Einstein which proves to you that 2+2=5. Would you believe me now?
You probably still wouldn’t believe me, but I can guarantee that for a split second you doubted your knowledge that 2+2=4.
Your whole life, you lived knowing and understanding that 2+2=4. Much like Pi, he lived his whole life learning and living ways that his religions taught him. But when he was on the boat with Richard Parker, he had many moments that he doubted himself surviving. Much like you guys doubted your knowledge you 've known since you were little and grew up knowing.
But most of you stuck with what …show more content…

With faith guiding him, he overcame his doubts, and realized that life is precious.

Religion will save us,” I said. Since when I could remember, religion had been very close to my heart” (Martel 29).

Before the ship sank, even before they went on the ship, Pi says that religion will save him. I think this statement is very true because it has saved him throughout his journey. He survived because of his religion. He says it himself that religion will save him, and it did save him.

“Even during the hardest days, I trusted Him to guide me with strength so I could be the light of hope for my family, friends and community” (Yuzefpolsky, Leticia).

This is a story I found that this girl wrote about how she was having a great Christmas and then her family members dies from a tragic event. She talks about how she had a rough time coping with it but then eventually turned to her faith to guide her through her roughest times. This is exactly like Pi, because he had a rough time losing his family and stranded on the ship, but he turned to Hinduism, his original faith that he grew up with, to help him cope and deal with his doubts.


“Look: Christ on the Cross died of suffocation, but His only complaint was of thirst. If thirst can be so taxing that even God Incarnate complains about it, imagine the effect on a regular human”

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