Introduction. Conflict Is Inevitable, Be It In The Workplace

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Conflict is inevitable, be it in the workplace or outside the work place. The reason is that people are from diverse backgrounds and thus have different ideas and opinions. In the workplace, employees are expected to work together towards achieving the company’s goals. The management needs to find ways to resolve conflicts that may arise so as to ensure that there is increased production. Conflict management is important and it entails being able to identify and handle conflicts in a manner that is sensible, fair and efficient. The five conflict styles according to Kenneth W. Thomas and Ralph H. Kilmann are accommodation, avoidance, collaboration, competition and compromise, (Schneider & Brown 2013).
Difference between
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Individuals compete for status and position in firms, and at times they get for their ability to achieve business goals by being the better than other internal employees or external business competitors. For instance, sales and marketing jobs in most cases are a healthy form of competition within the organization. The employees are mostly paid on a sales commission basis and this makes the individuals to strive to sell more of the company’s products. In the process, the firm will increase their sales, market share and overall profitability. Successful leaders exhibit the capability to strategically use their competitive energy and skills for personal and professional gain. Thus, competition encourages hard work and ensures that social laws are observed.
Unhealthy competition
As far as competition is healthy, at times it may lead to conflicts hence leading to negative results different from what competition is intended for. This mostly happens when competition is excessively or inappropriately used. Every individual is struggling to prove to be the best or most valuable to the company and as such, this can lead to disputes among team members. Unhealthy competition arises where there is misuse of power or where individuals compete with the aim of “defeating the enemy”. “Myers-Briggs research suggests that people who like to be competitive in addressing differences approach problems objectively, using facts and data, and are not inclined to be very
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