Introduction. Glucagon And Insulin Are Hormones That Are

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Glucagon and Insulin are hormones that are secreted by the islet cells of the pancreas. The two hormones are responsible for the control of glucose levels in the blood. The process ensures that there is a constant supply of glucose to the cells to perform various functions in the body consistently (Unger, Anna & Leonard 1031). The experiment compares the glucose concentration in the mesenteric arteries, the hepatic vein, and the hepatic portal vein before and after food consumption to establish the implication of the two hormones on the glucose levels. Mesenteric arteries carry the blood from the rest of the body to the intestines and have little glucose (Unger, Anna & Leonard 1033). Hepatic Portal Vein carries …show more content…

The labeling of test tubes was about the category and type of sample that was placed in each. A metric ruler was used for marking off 1 cm and 2 cm on each test tube from the bottom to represent the capacity of reagent and sample used in each set up of the experiment. The speed of reaction and the extent of color change were compared with all the test tubes. A hot water bath was prepared for the purpose of heating the test tube contents. It was filled with 200 mL of water and heated on high. The respective serum was added to the six test tubes up to the first mark after which drops of Benedict’s solution were added to fill up to the second mark a piece. The three samples of post-prandial were heated in the hot water bath concurrently. The time at which the solution color changed for the first time and the color changes after that were noted down. The procedure was repeated for the three samples taken during fasting. The expected order of the shift in color in the Benedicts solution was blue (in glucose absence) to yellow, then orange and finally red progressively with increase in the glucose levels. The used Benedict’s solution was discarded into the reserved waste vessel.
Post-Prandial Samples
These were the results that were recorded through the experiment which was done using post-prandial the samples. It took 26 minutes for the sample taken from the Hepatic Portal Vein to turn from the original blue color to yellow, which then changed

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