Introduction.In Today’S Economy, Customer Needs Continue

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Introduction In today’s economy, customer needs continue to change. Customers have different expectations and perceptions of service which many organizations struggle to fulfill. Providing exceptional service quality to customers is critical for an organization’s success. This paper will assess the specific elements of customer expectations and perceptions with the alignment to service quality criteria. Moreover, several instances will be reviewed to define appropriate service quality perceptions and customer satisfactions. Finally, gaps between expected services will be reviewed and areas of improvement will be identified. Cockroaches Infestation Drew had his house professionally sprayed for cockroaches last week. Yesterday he …show more content…

“A customer’s zone of tolerance increases or decreases depending on the number of factors, including price” (Zeithaml et. al., 2013, p.56). As the prices increase, a customer’s zone of tolerance decreases. “The more important the factor, the narrower the zone of tolerance will be” (p.57). Likewise, customers place a large emphasis on service reliability meaning they are expecting the service to be done right the first time. If a service needs to be performed a second time, the customer expectations are more critical as their zone of tolerance has decreased (p.59). In order to resolve Drew’s situation, the company should perform the second spraying at no additional cost to Drew. Performing the service again for free is a way to satisfy Drew’s needs as a customer. If the company wanted to ensure that Drew is a repeat customer and gives them a positive recommendation, they may want to engage in something the delights him, or doing something that is random, unexpected, and out of the ordinary (Zeithaml et. al., 2013, p.68). For instance, the company might want to throw in some upcoming free services or inspections within the next year. Extra incentives may delight the customer and may hold the company accountable for delivering the expected service correctly next time. Desired Service Level Desired service is the level of service a customer expects to achieve and incorporates a balance of

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