Introduction: . The Following Work Is An Analysis And Exploration

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The following work is an analysis and exploration of the Heron’s (1975) communication model, in relation to nursing but also my own future practice. The purpose of this assignment is to show the links between the model and nursing practice when dealing with a range of people and situations. Furthermore, it’s to link a reliable and accurate nursing theory to my practice to be able to develop in my nursing practice throughout my career. Heron’s (1975) communication model looks at the verbal interactions between different kinds of people and the way they verbally communicate in different situations. To help to explore the links and relations between Heron’s model and nursing, I will be using an image to represent the relation …show more content…

If someone is able to chose the most appropriate method for each instance in a situation by switching methods they then will be able to get all the information required. On the other hand, if they only use one method then they will not get all the information or they could receive or send the wrong information, which in certain medical situations can be dangerous, for example; the wrong procedure carried out or wrong dosage of drugs be given. Heron’s communication model was developed after basing it on Blake and Mouton (1972) organizational communication model. However, Heron’s (1975) model is old but it has stood the test of time as it is still being used today as a recognised communication model which is reinforced by Heron’s (2001) review of the model. This is because there has been little research into the model to disprove it, but instead they have been using it to analyse communication within different medical situations. However, McCabe (2004) has found one fault within the model which is that it does not look at the contextual differences which could affect the communication between two groups of people. This is because the model looks at verbal interactions but does not go into detail about the words that are used within the interaction as that the words used is implied to directly link to the method used.

Media Piece:
The media piece is an image of a box in the middle and two hands either side of it pointing to it,

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