Introduction:. This Report Talks About The Future Methodologies

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This report talks about the future methodologies for Marriott to go up against its opponents particularly Airbnb. It highlights different techniques which Marriott ought to embrace to endeavor in future with reference to future procedures so as to contend up with Airbnb. It concentrates on the issues confronted by Marriott and what steps should be taken to take care of these issues with a specific end goal to develop a notoriety like Airbnb. Marriott International is a cabin industry which is an administrator, franchisor, and licensor of inns and timeshare properties in around 90 nations.
Airbnb is substantial group for the general public who needs to discover, book world class lodging and wide on the web or from a PDA or …show more content…

Interestingly, Airbnb which is estimating US$900 million in incomes in 2015.

Airbnb currently owns more than 2 million listings in more than 190 countries around the world. By studying we found that Airbnb implies better strategies by ensuring hosts safety by investing $1 million of insurance coverage per booking. Airbnb attracted customers by offering additional benefits to the travelers by just paying an extra amount of money. Travelers pay less than a regular hotel & enjoy the same facilities which another hotel provides.
It is found that Marriott revenues are growing by 5.88% as of 2015. According to 2015, Marriott reported revenues of $ 14.22 billion. As of 2016 Marriott runs 30 brands worldwide. The recent acquisitions by Marriott have significantly expanded its portfolio which will reduce costs and overheads. Marriot is accessing a wider customer range to increase its market share. It is found that Airbnb is employing its strategies efficiently when it comes to cost saving. Fig (A) shows the revenues generated by Airbnb in different parts of United states. New York leads all the states touching up revenue up to 500million, with Los Angeles making up 200million.

Fig A Source: AIRDNA Posted on January 7 2016, by Scott Stafford

b. Problems with Marriott

- Phocuswright, the travel explore firm, noticed that one in three recreation voyagers in 2015 utilized private convenience. This is an all the more difficult occasion in the historical

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