Intuition, Visions and Prophecy Essay

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Intuition, Visions and Prophecy

Clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. All of these terms relate to the basic notion of intuition. While many assume that the brain's main purpose is to serve only as a location to store factual information, new research proves otherwise. "While the major division in the brain is that of the cerebral hemispheres . . . sections of the left hemisphere . . . is useful for . . . the rest function for parallel operation, which underlies spatial abilities and intuition." (Ornstein, 138) Intuition, also known as insight or consciousness, has been referred to as "clear seeing, clear vision, clear hearing and clear sensing." (Pohle, Selover) This notion of the ability to experience
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As time progressed, more questions of the origins of vision of the past and future were considered and studied, especially with regard to religion. King Solomon, a figure in Judaic history, supposedly had special knowledge because of his "command over, and communion with, dark forces led by the demon Asmodeus." (Roland, 20) He also supposedly had magical powers, which were a part of his knowledge of the Kabbalah, "the mystical aspect of Judaism." (Roland, 20) He wrote thousands of proverbs expressing his religious visions during his time which were incredibly influential. The Middle East also had a mystifying ancient history involving prophecy. Zoroaster, born in Afghanistan, is considered to be "the first prophet in history and certainly the first to preach a monotheistic belief." (Roland, 22)

As man became more knowledgeable about prophets and his own inner wisdom, fascination with visions increased. Specifically, there was, and still is, a desire to learn how to rekindle one's own intuition for practical use. According to Robert Ornstein, author of The Evolution of Consciousness, the key to adjusting our thoughts is to create "conscious control" and to simply "shift the mind into place." He says that we possess a "third kind of evolution" that allows us to have conscious selection and from there, we can further
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