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Assignment 1: Inventory Management Systems

Mondith Sreng



During a conversion at my family dinner my sister mentioned her small clothing store and she also discussed how frustrating it is to manually track and record all of the high demanding items in her store. My sister would like an easier solution for her problem. She decided she wanted an automated system, but she told us that she has a very small budget. So she asked my mother and I for any advice we can give for her store.

I mentioned to my sister that she should try using a Universal Product Code (UPC) which is a great and affordable automated system for her small clothing store. Universal Product Code …show more content…

Now that she has the software to create her bar codes she is going to need a printer as well to print off her bar code labels. The Zebra thermal Barcode Printer is a basic bar code printer which would be perfect for my sister’s budget it allows my sister to print off bar code and also the price right next to it and the bar code printer only costs $200.

The ongoing maintenance that will be required for this process is that for every item my sister owns she will need to keep track on which code belongs to which item by typing the description into the system. By her doing so it is letting the system know which code it belongs to what and she wouldn’t have any confusion on how many of that item she has left. That way whenever she scans an item out of her inventory she will know exactly how many of that item she has left in her inventory. My sister will also need to stock up on bar code labels for her bar code printer. She would need to check her inventory every month now since it is an automated method instead of a manual method which she would have to check up on inventory every week.

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