Investigating The Correlation Between Surface Area And Volume

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To investigate the relationships between the shape of an object and the time taken for a substance to diffuse into its center and to investigate the correlation between surface area and volume in regards to cellular transport.
Cells are the basic unit of life of which all living organisms are built upon, they are the smallest living organizational unit and they all come from pre-existing cells which has been supported by several scientists in the formation of cell theory [Biological physics, 2013]. The structure of a cell is strongly correlated with its function and the way it acts in relation to other cells and biological processes such as diffusion. Cells are specialized for many different purposes and their structures reflect these functions. Every living organism can be classified into two different cell groups; eukaryote cells and prokaryote cells.
Image 1 [Biochemanics, 2014]

In the comparison image between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells it highlights the specialised structures of both cell types, the specialised cell structures allow cells to perform certain functions needed in the organisms it contains. Prokaryotic cells contain flagella which eukaryotic cells do not and eukaryotic cells have many important structures such as the nucleus or information processing centre of the cell.

Eukaryotic cells have a defined nucleus and their cytoplasm contains specialized organelles bound to the cell membrane whereas prokaryotic

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