Investigation Of An Antitrust Violation Involving Google, An Extremely Popular Online Search Engine

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The purpose of this assignment is to research a recent case of an antitrust investigation. I chose to research a current case ongoing in the European Union regarding the investigation of an antitrust violation involving Google, an extremely popular online search engine. As per the assignment instructions, the following paragraphs will address and answer the specified questions. Google is an extremely popular search engine on the internet. In case you’ve lived in a cave for the past fifteen (15) years or so, a search engine is something a user inputs information into in order to find specific information or web sites. The resulting “answers” will yield web sites that are relevant to the inquiry. In February 2010, the European Union (EU) began investigating Google for antitrust violations due to complaints received from three competitors: a British price comparison site Foundem; a French legal search site; and from Microsoft’s Ciao, by Bing (Alazraki, 2010). Google’s competitors allege that Google “stacks” its search algorithm so that sites that are sponsored by or affiliated with their competitors are “ranked” in a low position. That is, their results are listed after Google’s preferred sites (Lardinois, 2013). Currently, Google has a 90% market share in the EU, so the vast majority of the population is using their engine. If they are indeed “stacking” their algorithm to ensure that only their preferred sites are displayed in the prime selections, then
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