Essay on Investigation of the Yom Kippur War 1973

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Investigation of the Yom Kippur War 1973

In this investigation one will find the long term and short term causes of the Yom Kippur war. This was achieved by reading various sources about the war and the events that were prior to the war. Thus for this investigation the research question is called "what were the causes of the Yom Kippur war of 1973." By researching about the war one came across various sources some very reliable and some not so dependable thus the evaluation of sources shows how reliable and valuable the investigation's two main sources are. From each source of the sources one took the liberty of extracting relevant information about the war thus all the events that were related
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This was so due to the armistice gave way for Israel to gain 50% more land then what was given to them by the U.N which again the Arabs felt it was unjust ( However, 7 years later on October 29 1956 Israel invades the Sinai region which was Egyptian they did this in retaliation to the Egyptians closing the Suez Canal to the Israelis. As well as that the Israelis wanted to stop soviet arms being used and reached by the Egyptians. Clearly a long term cause of the '73 war due to it almost triggered another war in the region (History of Israel). On May 1964 the infamous PLO, Palestine liberation organization was founded, whose soul aim was the destroy Israel. Alongside with the creation of this organization a charter was made as well for the organization which stated an immediate "liquidation" of the state of Israel. This was an organization which would eventually trouble Israel for a long time and still continues today to do so. 3 years later, on May 1967 Nasser, president of Egypt once again closes the Tiran straits to Israeli ships, and ignores UN peace keepers in the region. Again he did this to put pressure and create a military front off between the two nations in hope that the other Arab nations would back him if another war
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