Investment Of Senior Executives At Remote Sites

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investment of senior executives at remote sites
Retaining these key employees, securing high-performing individuals presents challenges for organisational commitment and therefore success of MiningCo’s operations. This presentation looks at how MiningCo can mitigate these retention issues in Talent Management and retaining our core senior personnel.

2.- External threats as the Middle East conflict & Greek Financial Crisis creates stressors for overseas assignments and the ability for expatriates to be successful in their roles.
Expatriates perceptions of these international assignments requires MiningCo to have an integrated polocies on career planning, top management support and be highly valued within MiningCo Executive board.

3.-The core issues MiningCo needs to address is how management practices can mitigate these stressors and provide support to these critical operational roles for strategic objectives to be met.
Looking into the fundamental motivational drivers, using Maslow’s well known human motivation theory, we can see this hierarchical model that can help MiningCo understand the primary drives of the remote executives as we can see the lowest levels to satisfy before moving up the pyramid to the higher needs. This holistic view theorises that appearance of a need usually rest on a prior satisfaction of another prepotent need which is the strongest(12), so these lower needs need to be satisfied first.
Maslows Hierarchical needs is trying to

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