Irvine Company: Business Analysis

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The Irvine Company Apartment Communities is a company which was created in helping people find a home that they'll instantly fall in love with. Founded over a century ago, Irvine Company designed a wide variety of communities in the state of California which caters to providing families communities which fit their lifestyles and budget. Irvine company has apartment communities in Orange download (1)County, West Los Angeles, San Diego and Silicon Valley. What is different about Irvine Company, is that they designed wanted the people living within their communities to feel like they're in a resort. Now, if you're interested in working in a company with a strong drive for a community, then we recommend you take a look at the opportunities available …show more content…

The working team of Irvine consists of around 3,000 talented employees. As their company is of a large size, they have opportunities in various sectors like real estate, hospitality, property management and food services. Within each sector, there are multiple positions that are available. We will give you a few examples from these sectors which you could apply for. However, we recommend you take a closer look at their website:

If you're interested in real estate, you can always apply as a real estate agent for Irvine. This job would include administration work, but also communicating with potential owners. If you like talking to people and closing deals, then this is a great opportunity for you. Within real estate, there are also supportive positions such as administrative assistant which are available as well. These positions all require different requirements which are specific to each …show more content…

These positions consist of the maintenance of the property within each community. If you wish to apply as a landscaper, you're job entails you upkeeping the surrounding landscape, trimming shrubs, weed removal, install outdoor furniture and lighting, water plants, etc. You will need to have a high school diploma or GED, as well as landscaping experience.

Tips for applying to Irvine Company

Now that you know some of the opportunities available at Irvine Company, get on their website and apply: However, before applying here are some helpful tips to help you get the job you want to apply for.

The best way to find the best job for you is to see what you're interested in as well as how you would like your work week structured. Do you want to work shift work? Weekends? Night shifts? Do you prefer to work alone? These are all important questions which you should ask yourself prior to applying.

Make sure you read the job description and see if the job suits you. As well as take a look at the requirements which are necessary for the position. If you do not have the necessary requirements, check to see if you can obtain them within the time period or if Irvine will train

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