Is Abortion Right Or Wrong?

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Throughout time there is always going to be controversy whether abortion is right or wrong. Some people look at abortion as killing an innocent baby but I believe it is not doing any harm being that it is not developed and every situation is different. Abortion is not only for people who do not want to care or cannot care for a child and all points must be understood before making the decision. There are some things in life that are hard to comprehend and this topic is a major event in life that has a lot behind it to understand the points that are being considered. Throughout the paper, the main topic of prochoice will be described and personal valid opinions will be stated along with examples and facts; other points of view will also be included. In this opinion based debate the examples, personal opinions and reasons behind decisions will explain why prolife is not always in the best favor for the baby or mother which is why I support prochoice. This topic is difficult in the aspect that many people believe and feel differently about abortion. An example given through a source that supports prochoice is that “the unborn aren’t persons under the law” and according to Roe, “personhood doesn’t begin until the baby is born” (Regulating Abortion, 37). Many people have different perspectives and that is why there is a controversy between people who believe in prolife and others who believe in prochoice. Prochoicers believe that physical integrity and well-being of the mother

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