Is Albert Fish A Serial Killer? Essay

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Abstract What is a serial killer? Albert Fish was a dangerous serial killer who murdered and mutilated the bodies of his victims. He committed murder and molested children. He was also a cannibal whereby he tortured, killed and cut the bodies of his victims, roasted the pieces and ate. He targeted children because they were the easy target. His experiences in the early childhood at the orphanage are believed to have facilitated the development of his sadistic behavior. Three of his known victims that he murdered and mutilated their bodies include Grace Budd, Francis MacDonald, and Billy Gaffney. Other murders that he was suspected to have committed include Yetta Abramowitz, Mary Ellen O 'Connor, and Benjamin Collings. He also attempted to lure Beatrice Kiel and kill her but Beatrice’s Parents noticed him and sent him away. The letter Fish wrote to Grace’s mother was used by the police to track him down thus leading to his arrest and execution. Introduction Albert Fish was a known serial killer and cannibal in the United States. He was born in 1870 in Washington D.C and his family had a history of mental illness. He was taken to the orphanage when he was five years and spent most of his early years there where he experienced major psychological changes (Bardsley, 2012). In the orphanage, Albert was whipped and beaten frequently, and eventually, he realized he enjoyed the physical pain whereby he experienced erections when beaten. The beatings made him become
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