Is Animal Testing Really Necessary?

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Haylie Galvan Professor Wu ENGL 102 4 May 2015 Is Animal Testing Really Necessary? Throughout the years, animal testing has played an essential role in leading to breakthrough discoveries in medicine, products, and cosmetics. Animal testing has been around since the fifth century in order to aid in studying the human body. Ever since, it has become the primary method for medical and scientific research; however, animal testing also raises several concerns. When it comes specifically to testing on animals, there is a chance the test results could be unreliable since they are inaccurate, which can not only waste money, but can delay the process for important cures and products. Each year across the United States hundreds of animals die from undergoing painful experiments to better improve the medical field. Although many great discoveries have come out of animal experimentation, alternative methods should be regulated due to the lack of results, high costs, and moral judgement. Animal testing can be dated back to the Greeks and Romans when they used animals for anatomical and physiological studies. Many Greek physicians would perform surgery on live animals in a vivisection procedure in order to understand the anatomy. It was not until the nineteenth century when animal testing merged as a widespread method of experimentation with the cure for rabies. In 1884, Louis Pasteur administrated anthrax to animals, leading to a breakthrough regarding the importance of vaccines with

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