Is Bullying A Social Problem

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Bullying is well known social problem that we all experience. I recall growing up I always was bullied for my weight and how I look in some way. It affected me in ways you wouldn't believe. Some nights I didn't sleep for crying and asking God to take my life also from the times where I tried to kill myself. From being called names as hurricane, tornado, and big mama. The words hurt, but I had to learn who I am. The good thing about being bullied is you realize why you're so important to people; why they take the time to point out the flaws instead of taking a look at themselves. Bullying is a social problem that needs to be stopped before it continues to be too late.

Brandy Valdez teen just like me, but in her case she committed suicide from being called fat and ugly and people cyber bullying. she took her life right in front of her family by shooting herself in the chest. This case went viral and even made it on CNN. But the crazy thing is people appreciate you when you're gone than leaving you alone while you're living. Why celebrate the loss of someone who you killed with your words and action, Why apologize to a mother and father and siblings for killing an innocent gift from God. Now those people have to watch the tears fall from the action that lead this beautiful girl to do what she did.

There are many types of bullying one such as verbal bullying. Verbal bullying is cruel out spoken words which involves ongoing name calling. Even from making threats and

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