Is Crime Inevitable for Children Born into Certain Families? Essay

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“The number of under-18s convicted or cautioned over violent offences rose from 17,590 to 24,102 - an increase of 37 per cent” Telegraph, Leapmen. Youth crime has increased drastically over the years as it can be seen from the statistics given above in 2008 on the telegraph newspaper. Youth crime has been an issue for a long time now; however it is becoming a major issue as it is only getting worse with how many youngsters are committing crime as well as the seriousness of the youth crimes is increasing. Criminologists as well as sociologists try to find out the main reason behind children turning to crime and have managed to come up with a few theories as well as good reasons to why many children would consider committing crime. (Source …show more content…

A family is meant to teach their kids the norms and values of the society so that the child knows the difference between right and wrong. (Source 3)
Edmund Leach had suggested that families, especially nuclear families actually play a negative role in the industrial society, this is because the nuclear families now are isolated from the community which is not good for they society, if a family stays within themselves it causes for the people of the family to be very shy and isolated which could lead to many issues in later life of these children. This could also in fact be a factor as to why many children get involved with crime at an early age, this is because if their families are involved in the wrong things then the children do not get the chance to see the world properly, therefore only pick up what their families are doing. (Source 4)
RD Laing is also another person who argues against the role of family within society, this is because he suggests that if a family has people who are corrupted or wrong then others in the family will either pick those issues up or be affected by them. According to Laing, families are a destructive and exploitative institution, this is because Laing argues that family becomes the barrier between themselves and the world around them, they start seeing the world as them and think they are all alone and together as a family unit only, which can then lead to greater problems when the

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