Is Cuba The Oldest Profession?

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Cuba is an Island found in the Caribbean. Cuba is the biggest Island in the Caribbean with an estimated population of about 11 million people. The Island of Cuba like most Islands in the Caribbean has a breath taking scenery. Cuba is and Island highly influenced by the Spaniards not only in its culture, but as well in the colonel architecture. It’s a place where anyone who visits will be able to find a lot of warm-hearted people; it’s a beautiful Island. However, the Island is overshadowed by poverty. Most people believe that the poverty is the cause of the high levels of prostitution found in the Island. Most people will agree with the fact that prostitution is found in every country and in every culture around the world. Prostitution is considered to be the oldest profession. In Cuba prostitutes are called Jineteras referring to the females and Jineteros referring to the male. “The word “jinetera” is derived from the Spanish noun “jinete” (“horse rider”) and refers to a group of uncommonly well-dressed women who offer sexual services in exchange for money”(Pixable July18 2015). In Cuba the Jineteras are found everywhere nowadays. Most people blame the growing amount of prostitution to the extreme property found in the Island. The Cubans are a very creative community however they have been suppressed for the communism found in the country since the late 1950’s. Shortly after Fidel took the control of the Island the lives of the Cuban people made a drastic change. The
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