Is Global Climate Change Man Made? Global Temperature?

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Is global climate change man-made? Global temperature has been changing for the past couple of decades. This leaves researchers to believe that mankind is to blame for this abrupt change. Life on earth depends upon the average climate that has been around for thousands of years. Without this favorable climate, life on earth will be unsustainable. Those who argue that climate change is not affected by humans state that the emissions humans put into the atmosphere are too small to have an effect on the climate. Either way climate on earth is changing at a concerning rate and is a major issue. Climate change has been created by many different factors. Including methane emissions from animals, like livestock. Methane being released into the atmosphere causes a change in the earth’s climate. A change in the earth’s solar activity has also contributed to global temperature change. These changes are called sunspots and they change the earth’s solar radiation levels. This causes short term warming cycles on the planet. Permafrost is frozen ground that is mainly in the northern hemisphere. It releases carbon and methane into the atmosphere when it melts. This accelerates global warming by adding to the concentration of carbon in the atmosphere. Water vapor holds in heat in the atmosphere due to the greenhouse effect. As temperatures rise all of these factors also increase in turn.
Human activity has ruined the climate that people experience here on earth. On Earth,

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