Is He At Home?

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Is he at Home? Many authors write to tell the readers, something deep and interesting that occasionally it is relate it to life and human experience. However, what they are trying to express it might get challenging sometimes to the readers. Either is has a deep meaning or readers do not interpret the story the way they are suppose to. How people know which is the right way to illustrate a story? What is the right way to feel and see what the author is pleased to present to the readers? Literature is a brilliant way to enlighten people about life and about the human experience. One example that perfectly shows life and human experiences is the short story The Soldier’s Home by Ernest Hemingway. The Soldier’s Home is a short story that display not only an interesting theme, but it also shows reality and what as a human being people go through. The Soldier’s Home is a short story that places the main character as a soldier who just had come home from World War 1. Harold Krebs, as the author chooses to call it, is a young guy who fought in the World War 1 and has come to his house after his experience at the war. The story depicts his instability of not being able to fit back in a society that he comes from, but that he does not feel longer part of it. Krebs is with his family but he does not feel happy about it. He is at home but he does not feels like if is home. His situation at his hometown according to him was as if he had never live there, like if nobody knew him. To

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