Is He At Home?

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Is he at Home?
Many authors write to tell the readers, something deep and interesting that occasionally it is relate it to life and human experience. However, what they are trying to express it might get challenging sometimes to the readers. Either is has a deep meaning or readers do not interpret the story the way they are suppose to. How people know which is the right way to illustrate a story? What is the right way to feel and see what the author is pleased to present to the readers? Literature is a brilliant way to enlighten people about life and about the human experience. One example that perfectly shows life and human experiences is the short story The Soldier’s Home by Ernest Hemingway. The Soldier’s Home is a short story that
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He avoids the real world by pushing himself into a world without love, religion and social relation.
He was a normal social person, who has love and appreciation for others. However, since he came back from the war he kind that lost his feeling, he does not appeal interesting in socializing with people, not even with people but with women. “The world they were in was not like the world he was in.” (123). He rejected any relationship with a woman because he was afraid of it consequence and afraid of losing his honesty. He was a sociable person who used to have love affair. However, now he does not want none of that, he wants to stay away of any social life. The way he sees social life now is keeping him away from real life and at the same time pushing him to maintain something that it will not give benefit to him. Any relationship without communication is worthless.
Instead of going out, he decided to spend most of his day on his bed, reading, playing pool and watching the girl across the street. Even tough he had options to go and socialize with people, he had the option to be in a relationship with one of the girls in his hometown or even the option to go out with his sisters, he prefers not to go and enjoy what life is all about family and friends. On the other hand, his relationship with his family is not quite strong as it used to be. His sister never forgot those moments
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