Is Marketing Science or Arts

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Introduction The debating question concerning marketing whether it is a form of science or art has long been a controversial subject. Scholars over the past several decades have constantly argued attempting to classify and prove the term marketing belonging into either the art and science category. Marketing is derived by which a product/service originate, priced, promoted and placed/distributed to people who consume them. It involves lots of preparations, developments, organizing and decision making for all the four P(s) of marketing. People’s general misconception of the term ‘marketing’ is that it is an artistic field whereby the role of marketers is to be creative, innovative and thus cook up impressive actions and put their ideas…show more content…
The diagram above further illustrates Arndt’s scientific marketing theory by dividing four factors (subjective, objective, harmony and conflict) containing four models (logical empiricist, sociopolitical, subjective world and liberation). Marketing Institutes and Association Generally, science is classified as a method by which scientists and academics venture to erect a precise, consistent and logical representation or interpretation of a particular subject. Science also involves empirical research or otherwise knowledge, especially gained through experience. Referring back to the milestones of marketing development, The American Marketing Association, a professional association for individuals and companies worldwide associated with marketing was founded in 1937 and based in North America. The establishment of AMA was resulted in a merger of National Association of Marketing Teachers (NAMT) and American Marketing Society (AMS). AMA’s website (2004) approved and defined the role of marketing as a linkage between buyers and sellers through a flow of information which is used to identify and define the marketing prospects and issues from generating, refining and evaluating marketing actions to monitoring marketing performance as well as improving the understanding of marketing as a process. Therefore, the study in marketing involves the information required to
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