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| You are here: * Home * Business * Small Business Information * Marketing * Marketing management Marketing/Marketing management Advertisement Expert: Leo Lingham - 10/7/2009 Question Sir could you please answer the following two questions for me? I need your help in answering these. PLease reply me as soon as possible. 1. Marketing management an artistic exercise and therefore highly subjective versus marketing management is largely a scientific excercise with well established guidelines and criteria 2. How does cause or corporate societal marketing affect consumer 's personal behavior? Clarify in context to the products and services you are using or planning to purchase. Answer SARA, HERE IS SOME…show more content…
• What is the threat from potential entrants? • What is the bargaining power of suppliers? • What is the bargaining power of buyers? • How difficult is selling into these accounts or segments? 3. PRICE • What are the value added components for various types of competitors? 4. DISTRIBUTION • What are the alternative ways of servicing this segment or account? 5. TRENDS • What are the trends in this segment/customer? 6. KEY SUCCESS FACTORS • What are the key success factors needed to compete successfully? Environmental Analysis 1. TECHNOLOGY •What technological development or trends are affecting or could affect the segment/customer? •To what extent are existing technologies maturing? 2. GOVERNMENT •What changes in regulations are possible? •What will their impact be? 3. ECONOMICS •What are economic prospects and inflation in which the segment/customer operates? •How will they affect strategy? 4. GENERAL TRENDS •What are the significant trends/future events? •What threats and opportunities do you see? •What are the areas of uncertainty? •What is the impact of these on your strategy? Internal Analysis 1. Performance Analysis • Sales • Profitability • Product Quality • Customer Satisfaction • Cost • Product Performance 2. Determinants of Strategic Options • Past Strategy • Current Strategy • Strategic Problems • Organisational capabilities

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