Is Print Media Dead?

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Page 1 Is Print Media Dead? Is print media dead? This has been an ongoing debate for over 15 years. Obviously, print media is becoming less necessary, but not altogether obsolete. Although, some people say it is not, the majority agree that digital is the future. According to Strategy Analytics, print media advertising revenues come in third overall, which is far behind digital media. The same report projects that as digital advertising continues to grow, print media ad revenue will decline by eight billion by the end of 2018. There is a quote from Patrick Chappatte that says, “You know what they say? They say, ‘The print media is dying’ – who says that? Well, the media.” Advancing digital technology has been the biggest factor in the downfall of print media. With the rapid advancement of technology, people are demanding more news and content faster than print can ever achieve. The way in which we consume news has changed significantly with social media and 24 hours instant news updates. Twitter allows us instant updates on worldly events such as Brexit, Paris terrorist attacks and the Boston Marathon terrorist attack and the manhunt that followed. Although it’s true that print circulation has declined from what it was in the past, our national newspapers are taking advantage of the new technology. While still maintaining print versions, many also have online versions of the paper that keeps their readers up to date on ongoing event.

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