Is Rationalization a Desirable Strategy for Managing & Organizing Junction Hotel in the Current Economic Climate?

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Is Rationalization a desirable strategy for managing & organizing Junction Hotel in the current economic climate?
Junction Hotel is currently facing problems within the business and is struggling to keep its identity of a ‘quality hotel’. The problems have arisen from a mix of poor leadership and co-operation of staff within the business and also the external influences of businesses which has led them to compromise on quality of service for profit. In this essay I will delve into whether or not I think rationalization is a good strategy for Junction Hotel to adopt.

Rational Organization increases efficiency and control and also brings down costs because the tasks are minimized to the core that they require almost no training for …show more content…

It will also allow the tasks to be completed efficiently so that the business can focus on improving other areas of the business where the employees may require a higher level of training in customer service such as the waiters and reception staff. I think these departments should not use rationalization because they have direct contact with the customers, to make the customers feel welcomed and help the business to keep its identity of a quality hotel they must be more social and engage with the customer to provide them with the individual needs and services the hotel has on offer. Junction Hotel should also cut down on their costs much like Travelodge have done so that they offer the basics to the customers and have the extras available on extra cost so that not only can they exploit efficiency in service but have variety in terms of the product they have on offer which will help them increase their profits and market share in this difficult climate. Junction Hotel should also change their way of management so that they have more of a social business which will should help the employees to feel more willing to work and feel wanted so that they can provide a cheerful and happy experience for the customer, which will be an opposite to if they adopt rationalization in management like the experience customers feel at McDonalds, they often feel they are talking to a robot and may choose to go

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