Is Seagram A Long History Of Success From The Company And Create A Secure Future?

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Definition of Project: Seagram has enjoyed a long history of success from its inception in 1924 with a single distillery in Canada to a world-wise company. During this timeframe, global recognition has afforded Seagram the opportunity to grow to 14,000 employees as well as creatively diversify in a manner than many companies could not imagine. Unique purchases of oil companies as well as what some might argue to be more logical partnerships like fruit juices such as Dole Food Company, Inc. created continued accomplishments that would shore up the company and create a secure future. In addition calculated investments with DuPont, MCA Inc., which includes Universal Studios and them parks as well as electric companies build an impressive portfolio for Seagram as well. We know that highly diversified organizations are more successful, “firms whose business units are highly related to each other, such as in a focused company, are outperformed by those whose business units are moderately unrelated to each other” (Graham, 2012, p.14). Although this argument makes little sense, Seagram has, for years, experienced the benefits of being highly diversified. With the strength of diversification Seagram has created over its long life offers a firm foundation for future growth and stability. The objective of this current project is to evaluate the assets and design a plan that will utilize the strengths of the organization while shoring up new systems to realign Seagram for maximum growth

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