Case Study : The And The Coca Cola Company

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As a senior at San Jose State University, I’m going to be graduating in Spring 2016. This is a crucial time in my life, as I start along the career path that I have been working towards. Therefore, it is extremely important for me to research companies that could possibly be a fit for my future. As a business major with an emphasis on Human Resources, my career possibilities are limitless because Human Resources is an integral part of any business. For this report, I wanted to look at companies of interest to me which have expanded their international footprint, and have used strategic strategies to build this top companies. I will also examine company strengths and weaknesses, and how those have shaped their businesses. After comparing the companies based on criteria that I feel are most important, I will then be able to conclude which company could be the better career choice for me.

In this paper, I compared and analyzed Dell Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company. I focused my research on the possibilities each company offers, based on company background, services, company teamwork, and work ethic. My criteria are world-class company ranking, number of employees, employment diversity, and income and benefits. Additionally, I used reports such as SWOT analysis, company websites, and databases from the San Jose State Library media sources, as well as U.S. magazines like Business Weekly, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal to help me find the advantages and disadvantages of each

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