Is Strategic Leadership Necessary to Effectively Manage Global Strategy in Today's Turbulent Business Environment

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Strategic Management and change:
Critically evaluate whether strategic leadership is necessary to effectively manage global strategy in today’s turbulent business environment
In today’s environment, companies need more and more flexibility to success in a rapidly changing world which evolves constantly over the year. It is interesting to speculate if a strategic leader is necessary to lead the company to the success and to well manage the global strategy of the firm. The term of leadership is hard to define and there are over 400 definitions of what it really is. Leadership can be in a poetic way, according to Warren Bennis, “like beauty: it’s hard to define but you know it when you see it”. Or in a more concrete way, we can say that
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According to Buckingham and Coffman (1999) in their book” First, Break All the Rules: What The World 's Greatest Managers Do Differently”, they put forward twelve questions which are really useful to put people in the adapted job (, 2010). Another people related problem can be the fail to deal with managers who are underperforming. The decision making process is also seen as a issue in strategic Leadership, some decisions are not made which can implied a cost in term of time and money. The leader has to use good tactics to make their decisions. The problem is that, according to Nutt (, 2010) a good tactic in decision making require time and leaders are looking for quick fixes, but over the long term, theses tactics turn out to be successful.
Beyond these issues, the leaders have also to face some challenges in particularly concerning the environment which is changing. Lao Tzu says that “resisting change is like holding your breath; if you persist, you die”. The challenge that faces the leader is how to adapt them to a changing environment, and more precisely in this context of globalization, because the employee may feel suspicious relative to the change. This kind of barrier has to be destroyed by the leader by setting objectives, having open discussions with employee or showing their commitment. Manage the employee is a challenge, but the nature of the strategic environment is another one.
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