Is Symbiosis And Sustainability?

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“Symbiosis and Sustainability”
This last few days, I asked some of my friends, relatives, and other common people about Sustainable meaning to them. They got various answer according to their general understanding which I conclude what they mean as the ability to last long. Moving to a more general fact about life’s, life means nothing when there is no purposes or goals, let us face the fact of this world that everybody, everything keeps on changing, our life, our world, our way of thinking and also our understandings. So in this life there is a progress which the World organization set as a goal that need to be achieve in order to progress life’s in a better ways. In 2000 the government set a goal named MDG (Millennium Development Goals) with 8 point issue such as the poverty, education, gender equality, HIV, reduce child and maternal deaths, Malaria and other disease, Environmental sustainable, and global partnership (6 for human, 1 for environment, 1 for the human intervention). The MDG didn’t goes pretty well due to its lack of detail in every aspect.
Coming to an end in the end year of 2015, The MDG successor came from a different alternative, this time the world organization get a better understanding based on the need that changed due to time and also the try and error experienced makes the new sets of goal named SDG (Sustainable Development Goals). Unlike the MDG Which came from the World organization thinking, the SDG came from the event held by more variant

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