Islam and the West in the Middle Ages

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In Samuel Huntington’s thesis, Clash of Civilizations, he describes the post-Cold War world as one that would now base its conflicts on people’s culture and religion. As among one of his few reasons why civilizations will clash, Huntington explains that these religious conflicts will come about because of the ideals of Islam and Christianity where they are willing to kill people who do not convert because each believes that only they have the correct religion. He also mentions that the introduction of technology and shifts in the world economy will contribute to the reasons for civilizations to clash. Because of the technological advancements, people now have a greater ability to move freely around the world are therefore more capable of reaching each other and spreading their ideals globally. These are also the reasons why there were so many conflicts between the Muslins and the Christians throughout the middle ages in the Middle East and in Spain. Just as Huntington predicts that modern day war will be a result of the aforementioned reasons, Muslims and Christians fought against each other in the Middle Ages because of their unwillingness to compromise on the basic differences of their religion and culture, and because of the changing political and economical world. Huntington mentions that Islam and Christianity have ideals that forbid having a positive relation with other religions. For the Muslims, this played a large factor when they began their conquest of the Middle
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