It 's More Than A Game

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Caleb Carrothers
October 26, 2015
It’s More Than a Game
A young man who had grown up in the horrors of Burundi’s civil war, had been warned of the dangers that exist in America. As he sat in his dorm room, all he could hear were constant gunshots, he looked outside but there was nothing to be found. He did whatever he could to block out the sounds of gunshots because it “brought back images from his home village in Burundi” (Irankunda). At dinnertime, his next-door neighbor explained that the gunshots were from a video game that he was playing. The neighbor offered him the chance to play the video games, but the young man explained: “you know, I’ve seen the real thing. So I’m not really interested. I’m sorry” (Irankunda). The …show more content…

According to CNN, 90% of America’s youth ranging from eight to sixteen year olds play about thirteen hours of video games a week (Saidi and Gross). Video games have become such a prominent part of our society and have affected viewers in a negative way through the countless violent acts portrayed throughout the games, promoting violent behaviors among the youth in our society.
Thousands of video games are produced and distributed each year. And out of all of the games created “It 's the mature games, the ones with lots of adult content -- especially violence –that get the most attention” (Haynes). One of the most popular, yet violent, video games is Grand Theft Auto, a game where users take on the role of a criminal and kill characters –including civilians, police officers, prostitutes, and gang members. The profanity, sexual content, drinking and drug use is also at an extreme in Grand Theft Auto game series. Although the game is designed for adults only, most of the users are youth. Another violent video game that attracts youth is Walking Dead, which is an adventure game. Although it looks like an animated comic, it is one of the worst games for kids. Throughout the adventurous game, users are put in dangerous situations with zombies, many human characters are killed, and when the zombie’s bite a user’s character, blood pours from their wounds. There are countless violent video games being sold, and regardless of the age requirements, the

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