James Forman Reparation In Africa

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The post-slavery and post-colonial era of global history has been marked by continued oppression and racism against blacks politically, economically, and socially. Despite the emancipation and independence obtained by former slaves and colonies, blacks around the world are still faced with systematic oppression through segregation, limited education, and impoverishment. Reparations have been proposed as a possible repayment for the generations of torment faced by blacks worldwide. Although many activists have different definitions, forms, and justifications for reparations, they collectively believe that reparations are necessary to successfully move forward as a global society. Reparations are viewed as a right to obtain compensation for the exploitation and degradation of generations of black lives in order to progress forward. Capitalism has contributed significantly to the systematic oppression faced by blacks in the post-colonial era in terms of economics. The periods of enslavement and colonization in the Americas and Africa involved widespread coercive labor movements that contributed to Europe’s economic prevalence. Black labor was used through slavery and post-colonial war efforts during the Great Wars. According to James Forman, reparations should be demanded because blacks have played a major role in developing the industrial world (183). This shows that Forman defines reparations as a repayment of black victimization used to build substantial economies, like

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