Essay about Japan Cultural Analysis

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Although, to help ensure success, it is important that companies take the time to not only understand the foreign market they are entering but to gain a highly knowledgeable understanding of the country’s culture from a social and business standpoint. By understanding a country’s culture, it can be of instrumental value in helping the company achieve their business objectives, while working to ensure operational efficiency. In the article How Cultural Differences Affect Your Global Marketing Message, Welsh said, “Marketing across cultures worldwide is a thriving business as the world moves closer to a global economy. Understanding cultural differences is important to achieve success in any market, let alone on the world business stage.” What makes Japan unique is it adheres to an unusually strict social politeness unlike any other nation. Japanese society is governed by rules and social graces that also carry over to the business environment. The Japanese place a high value and importance on social graces such as politeness and respect. These are common courtesies that are highly valued in Japanese society. However, these formalities are held to a higher standard than in most other nations. In the article Japanese Salarymen and Business Culture for

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