Japanese Invasion on Changkufeng Hill Essay

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Japanese Invasion on Changkufeng Hill Before 1938 Changkufeng Hill was on the border between big countries: Soviet Union and Korea. Manchuria was not an independent state, however; it was involve with the incident. The Soviet Union and Japan were not on good terms. The Soviets believed that Changkufeng Hill was an opportunity to spread westernization by building railways, and making more connections in Northeast Asia. Korea and Japan teamed together to stop the Soviets from taking Changkufeng Hill. The Changkufeng War of 1938 conflicted between the powers of the Soviets and Japan that wanted the territory for their advantages. The conflict between Colonel Sato Kotoku, commander of the 75th Infantry Regiment and the higher authorities, …show more content…

Many types of maps and documents were marked “red lines” on the border to territories Changkufeng Hill. Japanese were investigating a boundary problem, by comparing the original map with many identical new maps of the borders. However, Japan believes that China has the original map in a secret place without being addressed or confronted about the boundary issue. The Japanese figured that the Chinese text could still be found by proving that the Russians did not commute the boundary issue to the Ching commissioner. By the year of 1938, Russians interest was to take Changkufeng Hill by invading the territory. As of summer 1938, Foreign Ministry of Korea-Manchuria-USSR is known as the “de-facto frontiers”. Further on, Japanese had investigated on Changkufeng Hill and saw a group of Soviets taking their opportunity to seize the territory.While the Russians were doing their schemes to take the territory, the Japanese military were authorized to defend Changkufeng Hill without “limited strength or distractions”. In June 13, 1938, the Russian general, G.S. Lyushkov, Commissioner 3rd class was turned over to the Japanese military authorities because he was seen to be on Changkufeng Hill territory. During Lyushkov stay in Japan, he had described about the Soviet Far Eastern strength and the tormented USSR. Somehow, Lyushkov escaped and created an increase of conflict between the USSR and Manchuria borders. The 19th Division in North Korea

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