Jean Piaget 's Theory And Theory

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What is a theory? A theory is an organized set of ideas that is designed to explain development. These are essential for developing predictions about behaviors and predictions result in research that helps to support or clarify the theory. The theorist I am choosing to talk about is Jean Piaget who discovered the cognitive development theory and who broke it down into different stages. The different stages are the sensorimotor stage, the preoperational stage, the concrete operational thought, and the formal operational thought. To sum up Piaget’s theory he believes children learn more about how the world works by little experiments in which they test their understanding. The stages he broke the theory down into are in which children understand their surroundings and become more advance and accurate with age.

Who is Jean Piaget?
Piaget had problems publishing some of his works because of the fact that he was so young. Throughout his life, he had many offers and advanced quickly in everything that he did. In 1921, Piaget was invited by Claparede to become the director of research at the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Institute in Geneva (Presnell). Here, he would work in the field of child psychology and guide students. He planned to study the emergence of intelligence for the first two years and then return to the origins of mental health. The results of his work were published in the first five books on child psychology. It was during this time that he met Valentine

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