Jesus And The Servant Of God Analysis

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Servant of YHWH The stage has been set. The main characters identified. The wardrobes are ready and the script is superbly written and ready for each prophetic line to be delivered. One last “shocking exile and restoration” (Wright, 2006, p. 86) and “It [will be] finished” (John 19:30, NASB). The One is almost here bringing with Him a “new creation, of justice, spirituality, relationship, and beauty” (p. 86). His physical life is due to our spiritual death. His physical death will provide mankind a spiritual life. In a fantastical story of rebellion and redemption God will finally say “Enough is enough” and “act within Israel and the world to bring to its climax (p. 88) the greatest story ever told.
Jesus and the Coming of God’s Kingdom Since God first created Adam to Jesus’ final breath mankind has been desperately trying and failing miserably to please their Creator. From offering sacrifices that pleased God to following His laws mankind has, if nothing else, displayed through their actions that they are need of an intermediary to be close with God. Jesus is the “echo around the hearts and minds of the human race” (Wright, 2006, p. 92) whispered via the Father. No more will man have to follow strict ordinances and lawful dictates to appease God. After the coming of the Lord all one has to do is believe that He is “the way, and the truth, and the life (John 14:6, NASB).
What Can We Know About Jesus? Is not it wonderful that Christians as well as all

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