Jet Blue Case #1 Essay

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JetBlue Case Study
Team 22
MIS 6713-601
Fall 2014
Austin Blake
Tyler Richardson
Alvin Tsang
Carolyn Wanczyk
Executive Summary
The purpose of this report is to provide the management and stakeholders of JetBlue a plan of action on possible options to increase revenue generated through marketing. By examining the marketing team’s proposals through the DECIDE model this report details what proposals should be funded, which should not be funded, and new ideas for marketing revenue.
Through analysis of each proposal the decision was made to recommend supporting and funding both the “All You Can Jet” promotion and use of social media. In addition to the two recommendations by the team this report also suggests
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A new approach to marketing needs to be established to boost sales and increase return customers, while at the same time lowering the overhead costs of marketing. Establish The criteria
Marketing will need to establish a plan that fully utilizes the benefits of social media to both lower costs, target specific populations and be more accessible to their customers. By creating open communication and engagement of its customers, JetBlue can expand its visibility and profitability. A successful marketing plan will provide a low cost alternative to traditional marketing practices, while promoting new uses of technology and keeping JetBlue customers engaged with social media. Consider All Alternatives
The marketing team has proposed four recommendations that are up for consideration. The first, to hire a consulting firm to advertise decreased fares on one way tickets out of New York, does not address lowering costs, and therefore is dismissed at this time. By contracting an outside agency expenses would be increased, when the goal is to decrease overhead expenses. A proposal to expand service between NYC and new Markets (ie, China and the Middle East) would also require significant upfront investments in aircraft and personnel. Recent Caribbean additions have been made to the service line in the last two years and have not made a significant impact on sales (Page 1 JetBlue Investor Report, 2011)

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