Jetblue Bmgt 364 Essay

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The Mission and Vision: Southwest and Jet Blue Airlines
BGMT 364
Alexandria Walker
University of Maryland University College
Professor Brockunier

This paper outlines the formation of a vision statement, the mission and the values that JetBlue and Southwest airlines embrace. A firm can initiate strategic management once it forms a mission statement. That statement allows forms to aspire to its potential while bearing in mind what it wants to avoid as it successfully grows. JetBlue and Southwest airlines mission has been primarily to govern the way they conduct business and the desire to serve customers and give direction to make service related decisions. This paper will concentrate
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Recommendations to the leadership: My recommendations for both companies are to keep employee job satisfaction and workplace environment number 1 priority, provide open forums for employee concerns Understand that happy employees=happy customers and continue to market Southwest and Jet Blue as concerned about customer satisfaction and safety.

The Vision: JetBlue’s 2005 annual report features a quotation from then-CEO David Neeleman that serves as a summation of company vision: “As JetBlue continues to grow, we know our commitment to friendly, helpful service, combined with amenities customers want, will continue to keep JetBlue #1 in the eyes of our customers” (“JetBlue Annual Report,” 2005). That statement reads well within that six year-old annual report. JetBlue has grown substantially since 2005 and Neeleman since has been replaced by Dave Barger as CEO (“JetBlue Annual Report,” 2010). Barger could expand on the Neelman’s vision and offer the following vision in 2011: JetBlue’s vision is one of continual emphasis on providing competitive rates for customers for all of our destinations. We will strive to maintain our industry-standard lowest cost-per-mile, and will continually seek new strategies and technologies that keep down the costs for every one of our flight routes. We foresee JetBlue as a value-driven leader, understanding that as a lower-cost carrier we will surpass customer expectations by offering

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