Jethro : A Short Story : The Story Of My Life

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I don’t really know where to begin but i’ll give it a try. My names Jethro (JuJu) Melse also known as Jet. I turned 16 this month on the third of September. I was born in Orlando, Florida. But was raised in Paterson ,New Jersey. My nationality is Haitian. Im also a Christian. I am also the first born. I grew up with two younger siblings. But I had a lot of responsibilities from a young age. I will be telling you the story about me.

As a kid growing up in Paterson you see a lot of things you’re not supposed to see at a young age. But with my type of parents and the culture that we have there was no way i was going to get caught up with any of that. I can still remember at age 10 while walking to school seeing a dead body on the sidewalk. From the start my mom wanted us to leave paterson and to live somewhere better than where we were. So from there my mother and father would work extra hours just for us to leave the area we lived in and to find a house up near haledon. There would be some days i wouldn’t get to see mom at all and i would be the one having to care of my sisters and attempt to cook. My mom would teach me so much like how to iron the uniform in the morning if she wasn’t home or to prepare breakfast. We eventually left that area of paterson and came to a little town called haledon. After that it was smooth sailing from there. That was also when i finally found my passion for sports. I played soccer, basketball, baseball but what really caught my attention was

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