Jfk Three Goals

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In this essay I will tell about My philosophy, three goals, colors, and how they all fit in.I will tell about my philosophy that I chose from John F Kennedy. My three goals one I want to improve on reflective second my reading answer is getting unfoacused. these are the things that I will be talking about in my a thousand word essay.
As a learner my 3 goals are I want to improve on being more reflective because i forget to reflect when I do something about the consequences about it so I want to be more reflective. my 2nd one is I want to start reading harder book so to do that I have to learn vocabulary. my last but not least is I want to get less unfocused and to do that I have to move away from my friends.The reason why I chose these …show more content…

it also said that I am intelligent and simple, and very neat. the second test said I have a GREEN personality! I am generally an upbeat, "go with the flow" kind of person. i am a dreamer, so you love to create. i am a fun-loving, optimistic, and a natural motivator.I tend to hold tension in my neck and shoulders. Breathing will release this tension. my 3rd test said I was blue i have a BLUE (analyser/organiser) personality. i like to work together with others and you avoid conflict. People trust me to complete jobs,and will often give you responsibility. i like to be accepted in social and professional circles. i listen to your emotions and is ok at observing situations and creating solutions. i can be inclined to get too caught up with detail and be unwilling to improvise. However, in the right situation, I can be a very valuable team member. i strongly agree with all 3. the way this all ties in is because In the first test it said I was intelligent and neat this is kinda true because I am very neat, i am simple, and somewhat intelligent.The second test is also mostly true because i sometimes a go with the flow person, and i am very optimistic. The last but not least color I am is blue and the reasons I agree is because i like to work together with others and avoid conflict.The second test ties in with me because i like to work together so the color fits me very well. The second color said I was green, which meant I was a go with

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