Job Design : Dunkin Donuts Essay

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INTRODUCTION Dunkin Donuts store is company with the objective of making profits and serving its customers very well and for the company to achieve these expectations, the company leader should do exceptional job staffing, leading, training, coaching, and managing people. With all these done regularly then the company will easily realize its key objectives and manage key business drivers such as cash, profits, growth, asset utilization and people. In whole process of production of the products there are credible steps that must be always followed in order to ensure the Donuts Store business runs as usual and these include; job design, organization design, performance appraisals and hiring processes that delivers right expectations for the good of the company. I will outline in details each of these processes and how it helps in achieving the company’s goals. JOB DESIGN. There are several dimensions of jobs and work in organization and that as a district manager I shall take keen considerations to achieve with my employees and these include; Skill variety which refers to the range of skills necessary to complete the job. When the person input in work is required to use a wide and extensive variety of skills, the more satisfying the job is likely to be. I will make sure the person’s potential is utilized to the fullest. Task significance this focus on the impact and influence of a job. Jobs are satisfying if people believe that they make a difference, to their colleagues and
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