Job Involvement Is A Core Component Of Someone 's Contentment With Life

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Another factor an organization structure implements that change the employees’ attitude towards an organization is the job involvement. It is the extent to which employees identify with their job, become active in it, and take it as a core of their self-worth (Steers, 1981). Job involvement contributes to employees having the perception of self-worth. It also increases the desire of employees to be physically and psychologically being in their work to forestall for promising job outcomes. According to Rabinovitz and Hall (1977), job involvement is a core component of someone’s contentment with life.

Most companies look forward in contracting committed employees. It mostly depends on the managers’ influence on the work attitudes of their …show more content…

Management can foster employees’ job involvement by asking them for their inputs about making their work challenging and interesting. Google represents a smart example of an organization that embraces and benefits from employees’ job involvement. Google recognizes the thinking-power of employees as its valuable resource. In other words, Google employees are rewarded to think and carry out experiments and dare to take risks in the new ideas. Interestingly, Google presumes that mistakes are tools for employees’ learning and trying things out.

Management should create opportunities that enable employees to achieve their personal goals. Sometimes the competent employee may want more responsibility to increase his/her chances of getting promoted. This commitment leads to the success of the company. For instance, in Google people take various roles as the company may need or as per the interest of the employee will dictate. This yields to positive competition among workers in performing their responsibilities thus company’s success.

Management should identify ways of rewarding employees for the outstanding performance and have time to interact with the employees. Employees should be rewarded where they dually deserve. The manager should use rewards and incentives to appreciate for the work well done. If employees believe good work is performance

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