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I was very excited when John Burfitt recommend me to apply to your internship opening. I would be the perfect new addition you need on your team. Before I delve into my experience I would just like to say a bit about myself. I’m Edelle Gettings, a writer, photography lover and an entertainment addict. I’m a final year journalism and PR student from University of Western Sydney. I would love to get my foot into the door and gain experience in the entertainment writing and media industry. I’m a down to earth, positive person, who can get along with anyone. Although I am only looking for an internship at the moment, I am a loyal person who would love to have a long standing career at TV week and Soap Extra.
I have had no internship experience before in journalism, …show more content…

This is highly important in modern media where people are time consumed and pictures can grab their attention faster than words. I was one of 12 in my cohort selected to go to China and Hong Kong for photojournalism at the beginning of the year. This is where I enhanced my photography skill set and developed basic editing skills.
Throughout university I have always excelled in my subjects, especially journalism. I have taken units such as news teams, feature writing, journalism investigation and photojournalism. In my news team subject I was appointed the leader and we have so far managed to get a published outcome in the Daily Telegraph. I assisted this in the editing process, and delegating roles to the other team members. Through this I have learnt how to work in a fast paced, news team environment, leadership and confidence.
Lastly, I would like to say that the opportunity you have available is one that would not only be great for me, but for you. Please refer to my resume for full details of my experience with both journalism and my two previous internships in public relations. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Kind Regards,

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