John Is A Student That Is On The Autism Spectrum

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John is a student that is on the autism spectrum, who is getting ready to transition from elementary school to middle school. According to John’s doctor’s notes, he has been diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder, sensory processing disorder, and a speech and language disorder (Apraxia). The Apraxia has led to him having slow speech and trouble communicating. Due to his slowed speech at such a young age, John has had speech and language services since before he entered the school system. Mrs. Smith, the school speech therapist, writes that since she started seeing John 2 years ago, he has made significant progress. But because his communication is a trigger for his frustration, and he gets especially frustrated when people …show more content…

John’s inclusion has proven to be the right choice for him so far, and John is thriving in school. John’s teachers express that when given high expectations, John accepts these expectations and succeeds. He has shown great improvement over the last couple of months, and he is very enjoyable to have in class. John’s special education teachers state that John is good at Math. Math is his best subject. Though he still struggles, once he gets the math process, he requires little to no help. Memorization is hard for him, so he struggles with his math facts, but he will get there. He does struggle with reading and writing, and he will need to have extra time to complete assignments, and he will require support. Overall, John is a wonderful student, and he tries to please his teachers. John says he is excited about his school and all his friends. John’s parents express that John seems to do well, at school and home, on days when he feels like he can and is able to participate, in his general education classroom. Also, John’s teacher notices his behavior is better, and he has fewer meltdowns, when other students are patient, include him in their group work and play with him at recess. John has one friend that is very helpful. He can calm John down sometimes before he escalates. John’s parents and teachers hope this friend can be in some of John’s classes in middle school. John’s mother expressed

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