Journal Articles And Formal Essays

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When one thinks of a documented essay, journal articles and formal essays come to mind. However, lab reports are also in this classification and are different compared to other academic writing. For students, it helps their instructor know if they understand their scientific assignments. They actually describe and analyze everything that was accomplished in an experiment. How you explain what you did and what you learn is the aim of this type of writing.
The main reason for their uniqueness is how they are written. Lab reports are technical with structure and a focus in mind. Meanwhile, essays are concerned whether their paragraphs are separated fluently and make sense overall. Lab reports name each section with a heading and individually have a specific purpose. For instance, they are typically divided into the six categories: the summary, introduction, procedure, results, conclusion, and references.
Also known as the “abstract”, the summary explains the outline and the important aspects of the experiment. They even express the reason for the report. It makes the reader determine whether they want to read the entire report or not. Sometimes big companies base their decisions to the results of reports that concern them, so it is important to have persuasion. The perfect length for them is between one hundred to two hundred words.
Next is the introduction, which might confuse a person who has never dealt with lab reports before. The introduction is not the summary of the

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