Journey Essay : My English Journey

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English Journey
I can still remember the first time I ever picked up a pencil, it was when I was about four and that was also when I realized I was left-handed and double jointed in my finger because when I would hold a pencil really tight it would bend my finger back really far. From then on I dealt with bumping people while even writing my hand because somehow in every class I got sat next to someone right handed and was always on the right side.
First time I ever wrote an essay I was so passionate about it, it was about my family and I talked about them for pages. The last essay I wrote was about roller derby and I loved it it was about the only thing I did in English last year if I write about something I like, I can write forever, but if I don’t like the subject or just don’t understand it I can’t grasp it very well. I never exactly liked reading and writing, it’s never been my strong suit because my reading level isn’t the highest, therefore it’s hard for me to comprehend what I’m putting on paper or in the computer because in order to know what I wrote makes sense I have to read it over several times just to understand it. Which sometimes when I start writing I’ll be passionate about the subject, then towards the end, I’ll slow down and not have much to say because by then I feel I’ve said it all.
When I read any books, it’s really fun, my favorite book is Swindle. I remember the first book I ever read when I first started reading, it was Where the Wild Things Are.

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