Essay about Journey Through the Digestive System

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Get ready for the dangerous ride of a banana getting crushed, smashed, and absorbed through the digestive system. “Watch out for the involuntary muscles which they can’t even control and voluntary muscles they can control, but will still use thriving to help get our nutrients by crushing us.” everyone has always said but, that didn’t stop him. Once Banana was ripe enough the farmer has picked him. Banana thought is was chosen for an amusement park. because everyone else says it’ll be like a scary rollercoaster, he took it literally… When Banana was loaded into the delivery truck there was a real rough path ahead. Then he hit the first bump ‘woosh’ the truck loses half of it’s load causing it to go faster. Banana was on the top of the …show more content…

It’s lined with mucus protecting itself from hydrochloric acid that kills any bacteria that is harmful to the body; located in the stomach. Enzymes are also in the stomach breaking down even farther so the small intestine can absorb the nutrients and vitamins from Banana. When Banana entered into the stomach it splashes into the acid and pool of enzymes breaking him down piece by piece. While it’s in the stomach the acid and amylase from the pancreas is chemically digesting Banana it’s also mechanically digesting by churning and squeezing by the muscles of the stomach. After it’s all broken down it becomes a soupy mixture called chyme, chyme is so soupy it would be like water. Then after Banana is chyme it’s ready to go through the small intestine. The Liver the largest and heaviest organ makes bile then stores it in the gallbladder. Which stores the bile then squirts it into the small intestine to break down fatty foods if needed. Banana squeezes through the Duendom the beginning part of the small intestine connecting the small intestine to the stomach. The small intestine is a 600cm long tube, and does the most absorption in the whole digestive system through little finger like sponges called villi. Villi have capillaries located through them that absorb nutrients then leak the nutrients into the bloodstream. The nutrients are leaked into the bloodstream because cells need nutrients to be able to do their jobs for the body. Nutrients and

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